My dog is a YouTube star

In Culture, Movies on July 28, 2011 at 2:20 pm

Lucy, aka "Darryl," on the set of The Dog Poker Game

Guys! My dog is a YouTube star! (Or maybe she will be once the guys who made this movie make the link public.)

So, the story here is that during the fall, a bunch of dudes up the street from us saw Alice and I walking our dog, Lucy. At the time, she was wearing her “Cone of Shame”, which they thought was hilarious. (It is pretty funny.) They called us over and asked if we wanted her to be in a movie. We said, “Sure, why not?” Toronto’s full of aspiring filmmakers, and maybe our pooch could get her big break!

Little did we know the adventures Lucy would go through on her path to cinematic glory. In addition to having to wear the Cone of Shame, Lucy also had to sit perfectly still in a variety of locations, including the poker table set, a busy street, and having an avalanche of Milk Bones poured into her Cone (which she DID NOT LIKE AT ALL). In the end, she probably ate 2 lbs of Milk Bones, had dry ice blown in her face, and was widely mocked on the streets of Little Italy.

And here’s the final product! You can visit the main site, or watch the YouTube video below. (As I mentioned, the link isn’t public yet, so it won’t turn up on a search, but you can still share it if you want.)

  1. OMG. “Tyrone” looks exactly like the dog I had growing up!

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